juvenile coopers hawk in the grass The Saga
Rufous Hawk

Year 2014 Adventures

Chapter 1: It's Cooper's hawk Season Again

Chapter 2: Two Hawks in the Cypress Tree

Chapter 3: The Big Surprise!

Chapter 4: Tribute to Henrietta

Chapter 5: Introducing Roxie

Chapter 6: Waiting Time

Chapter 7: Do We Have Hatchlings?

Chapter 8: Movement in the Nest

Chapter 9: Peepers and Climbers

Chapter 10: Hello Butch!

Chapter 11: Three in the Nest

Chapter 12: Ruthie

Chapter 13: Getting Ready

Chapter 14: Billy the Kid

Chapter 15: Roxie Makes Breakfast

Chapter 16: Tree Rats

Chapter 17: Fledglings

Chapter 18: Hanging Out

Chapter 19: Posing for Photos

Chapter 20: Meal Time!

Chapter 21: Hunting Lessons

Chapter 22: In the Gnarly Cypress

Chapter 23: What's for Dinner?

Chapter 24: Always Hungry

Chapter 25: Hawk Rockets

Chapter 26: Graduation Time

Chapter 27: Goodbye Young Hawks!

Video of 2014 Season

This story was written by Betty Norman.

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