juvenile coopers hawk in the grass The Saga
Rufous Hawk

Chapter 7

Do We Have Hatchlings?

June 1, 2014

Almost certainly there are hatchlings in the nest. Mama Roxie does not want to show us, however. She is clearly disapproving of the humans with the black box that keep watching her nest!
How Dare You

Almost every photo I take is exactly alike. There is Roxie giving me the "eye." This is one protective Mama hawk!

Pics are all alike

June 6, 2014

Finally, we can see a tiny hawk in the nest! He appears to be looking up at Roxie, maybe wanting to be fed. Roxie's brood is lagging behind Henrietta's old schedule by a few days -- perhaps as much as fifteen days. In the photo on the right, the buffy down of one or more hatchlings can be seen in front of Roxie. How many are there??

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First Little Chick Little Hawks

Notice the white patchy fluff in the nest? I believe we're seeing Roxie's molted feathers. This spring, we have watched the nest cams of other accipiters, notably goshawks and Eurasian sparrowhawks. Both of these mother hawks molted their breast feathers while incubating their eggs -- an effective use of downtime! (no pun intended)

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