juvenile coopers hawk in the grass The Saga
Rufous Hawk

Chapter 11

Three in the Nest

June 20, 2014

Now everyone wants to climb up to the edge of the nest! Today, I took more than a dozen photos of Butch and Sundance moving all along the nest rim and peering down at me. Butch and Sundance

Roxie does not like me standing below the nest with the black thing pointed up at her nest. No, she does not care for that at all! Sometimes she will fly from her lookout above the nest and perch in a tree across the street. Roxie, that doesn't distract me at all! I know what you're up to!

As I carefully inspected the photos, one of them caught my interest! In the photo below, you can see Butch and Sundance very clearly. Now look to the left, and notice the sun shining through the tawny down of a third chick! There are no eyes or beak in the photo, but the chick is there, hiding behind the leaves! Three in the nest! Are there more? Three in the Nest

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