juvenile coopers hawk in the grass The Saga
Rufous Hawk

Chapter 5

Introducing Roxie

April 19, 2014: Meet Roxie

We have decided to call the new female Roxie. Of course, we look for things about Roxie that are different from Henrietta, and we do notice a few things. Roxie appears to be at least as large as Henrietta, and maybe larger. She is more active and industrious about tasks like nest-building. Perhaps in her youth she is more motivated?

There's no doubt she is beautiful (and a little shy), as you can see:
Meet Roxie

The vertical streaks of her plumage and her yellow eyes reveal her to be young, probably still in her first year. She also still has white patches on her back. We are very curious to see if we can observe her molt into her adult plumage during the breeding season. This remains to be seen.

Roxie has accepted Rufous' nest as her own. The pair continue nestorations, and the nest is getting large and substantial enough for a clutch of eggs.

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