juvenile coopers hawk in the grass The Saga
Rufous Hawk

Chapter 4

Tribute to Henrietta

It would be an injustice to proceed with my reports about the Cooper's hawks without pausing for a tribute to Henrietta.

Henrietta was about one year old when she came with Rufous to raise her first brood in Valley Ranch. We know her age because she still had her juvenile plumage.

No doubt a hawk's greatest successes are measured in terms of its procreation. Here is the record of Henrietta's fledglings:

Year 2009 --- 1 Fledge
Year 2010 --- 3 Fledges
Year 2011 --- 2 Fledges
Year 2012 --- Nest predated by racoon
Year 2013 --- 4 Fledges

We will never know what happened to Henrietta, but we are told that the oldest recorded age of a Cooper's hawk is 12 years, and the maximum age for a breeding female is 9 years. So perhaps she did live a full life.

Now Rufous is the survivor. He was at least two years old when he first came to Valley Ranch, and so this year he is at least seven years old.

Rest in Peace, Henrietta Hawk....

Tribute to Henrietta

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