juvenile coopers hawk in the grass The Saga
Rufous Hawk

Chapter 17


July 3, 2014

During the night there was a summer storm, with lightning, thunder and rain, but no high winds. The skies are still overcast this morning, and I walked out to see what the little hawks were doing. Nobody was peering out of the nest. Nobody was hopping the limbs of nest tree. Then I heard the familiar "eee-eeww" of a little begging hawk. He was in a still-wet cypress bough near nest tree, peering boldly out into his soggy surroundings.

Wet Chick

Then I heard a second little hawk, in the cypress tree near our house. As I was trying to snap a photo of the first hawk, the second one flew, little wings flapping, back to nest tree.

Wet Chick He landed at a vantage point just above the nest, then moved to Roxie's perch, to await delivery of his breakfast.
Wet Chick Wet Chick Wet Chick
I am still amazed at how rapidly the flight feathers of these young birds have developed. Their growth is not complete, but that doesn't stop them from flying.

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