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Rufous Hawk

Chapter 14

Billy the Kid

June 26, 2014

Perhaps Roxie is getting used to the human with the black box. This morning, I took photos of her as she preened herself and looked all about. She seemed to be bored with my appearance and studiously avoided giving me even a glance.

Roxie does look like one fierce mama hawk. If I were a predator, I would think twice about tangling with her. I try to make my visits brief so I will not disturb her routine too much. If she is feeding her chicks, I pick another time to watch. (After all, a big bobbing hawk bottom is all you can see at feeding time anyway.)

Fierce Roxie

The hawk chicks were mostly napping this morning, although I did get a glimpse of Ruthie peeking out of the nest.

June 27, 2014

This morning two of the young hawks were intently watching something above them in the tree.

Then a third little hawk joined them. In the second photo, you can see him/her behind the support limb on the right.

Watching Something Watching Something

Looking up to see what the little hawks were watching, I could see another hawk in the tree, on Roxie's perch. But it wasn't Roxie! It was Butch! Awaaay up in the tree, at least four feet above the nest, there was Butch, clinging to a good-sized limb.

Watching Something Watching Something
But wait a minute!! Didn't we just count three little hawks in the nest? And there is Butch in the tree? If my math is right, that adds up to four young hawks!! Let's take another look in the nest.

Sure enough, peeking out from behind the support limb and crouched just below Sundance is a fourth hawk chick. Welcome, Billy the Kid! You are a very good hider!

Billy the Kid

Now let's take another look at Sundance, still clinging to the safety of a small branch that extends just above the nest. Sundance will be next, following closely behind big brother.

Sundance - I'm Next Sundance - I'm Next Sundance - I'm Next

Even as I snapped the photos of Sundance, bold Butch fluttered to another branch in the tree. Sundance and the others will not be far behind!

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