juvenile coopers hawk in the grass The Saga
Rufous Hawk

Chapter 20

Meal Time!

July 10, 2014

This morning I took the camera out to see what new mischief the hawks might be getting into. Everything was quiet in the cypress trees. Then I heard whistles in nest tree. Then more and more soft whistles. I walked around to nest tree, and there they were -- having breakfast! Roxie's long tail was bobbing up and down, as she busily fed her family. No doubt the young hawks are capable of feeding themselves by now, but Mama still likes to do it. Meal Time

Meal Time

Two or three of the little hawks could feed at one time, and the other one or two had to wait their turn in the branches above the nest. From time to time, one would fly down and displace a sibling at the nest (which has now become a dinner plate). Roxie allowed her youngsters to figure out the feeding order by themselves.

Meal Time

I made this video while aiming my heavy camera straight up with no tripod, so it's very shaky. But it still may interest you, so if you play it, turn up the volume so you can hear the soft whistles of the feeding hawklets.

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