juvenile coopers hawk in the grass The Saga
Rufous Hawk

Chapter 12


June 23, 2014

It has rained most of the weekend, and I have wondered whether Roxie attempted to shelter her chicks as she did when they were younger. I was able to take a few photos this morning and can see that the chicks have developed quite a few feathers, even on the tops of their heads. They may have enough feathers to keep themselves dry.

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Butch Butch Butch

Regardless of whether she is needed in the nest or not, while I was snapping away, Roxie dived into the nest and snuggled down, wings flapping and long tail sticking out behind. Roxie Crashes the Party

Roxie's intrusion created quite a stir in the nest, and all three chicks clamored on top of her to peer out. Butch, Sundance and Ruthie

What do we call the third chick, you may ask? Well, when I asked Jay if he would like to name Butch & Sundance's sibling, he replied, "Sure! Ruthie!" Ruthie??? Hmm... Okay, so it's Butch, Sundance and Ruthie. Maybe if a fourth chick makes an appearance, we can call him Billy the Kid.

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