juvenile coopers hawk in the grass The Saga
Rufous and Henrietta Hawk

Year 2010 Adventures

Chapter 1: Rufous and Henrietta Return!

Chapter 2: Rufous Creates a Monster

Chapter 3: What a Handsome Bird!

Chapter 4: Love Birds

Chapter 5: Contemplating Motherhood

Chapter 6: The Tell-Tale Tail

Chapter 7: Hawk Chicks Hatch!

Chapter 8: First Glimpse of the Chicks

Chapter 9: Hello World!

Chapter 10: Tag Team Parents

Chapter 11: Hawk Baby Steps

Chapter 12: Larry, Curly, and Moreen

Chapter 13: Cuttin' Up

Chapter 14: Empty Nest

Chapter 15: The Dinner Plate

Chapter 16: Little Hawks on the Wing

Chapter 17: On Their Own

Chapter 18: Predators in Training

This story was written by Betty Norman.

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