juvenile coopers hawk in the grass The Saga
Rufous Hawk

Year 2016 Adventures

Chapter 1: Welcome Home Rufous and Roxie

Chapter 2: Roxie Takes Charge

Chapter 3: Bonding in the Cypress Tree

Chapter 4: Oh Lover Boy

Chapter 5: What's Going On?

Chapter 6: Crow Wars

Chapter 7: A Quiet Time

Chapter 8: Baby Hawks!

Chapter 9: Stormy Weather

Chapter 10: Feeding, Flapping, and Footing

Chapter 11: Full Nest, Full Hawklet

Chapter 12: Branching

Chapter 13: Fledglings

Chapter 14: Learning on the Wing

Chapter 15: Tragedy!

Chapter 16: Brothers

Chapter 17: Wind Storm

Chapter 18: Squirrel Hunting

Chapter 19: Where Did They Go?

This story was written by Betty Norman.

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